by Johnny Dollar

Tag, you’re it! That’s the idea, to “tag” you with a concept that handcuffs you to a “cause.” You don’t even get to pick and choose! Bottom line, if you aren’t part of the solution, then Mac, you are part of the problem! Nothing insidious here!

What do you think of when you think of:  Carbon? Black, sooty, messy, bad, dark?

What do you think of when you think of:  Footprint? Personal, unique, identity?

Because the science behind the whole concept of carbon footprints is debated by some, then you, as an individual with the freedom to choose what you believe in, should challenge the premise!

What is the purpose of the carbon footprint “tag”?

It is something bad; something YOU must pay attention to. It is a personal identification trait. Everyone on earth should be concerned. Without a universal standard or benchmark, it means disaster of catastrophic proportions for mankind. It is part of something global in scale. It transcends national boundaries. The collective good overrules individual choice!

What is it designed to do to you personally?

Intimidate, assimilate, insult, motivate, categorize, popularize, standardize, rationalize, rally, define, and much more.

What are the “roots” of the carbon footprint? The Green movement. The underlying implications are that you should be conscious of and working constantly to improve your personal carbon footprint, while actively encouraging others to do the same. By being a good soldier, you psychologically satisfy a number of basic human needs:

Security:  you are helping to save the planet for yourself and future generations.

Certainty:  you are helping to make sure we have a sustainable environment.

Variety:  you are part of a vast array of Green initiatives working to make this happen.

Love:  you will be loved for doing this.

Growth:  you are becoming a better person by learning and practicing this ideology, and now you must help educate others.

Contribution:  you are part of a global movement helping to make this happen!

Here's a question:  Who has the right to tell any individual what their carbon footprint should be? Or, even to intimate that you have a “carbon footprint”? Top down, bottom up. What you have here is a classic battle between forces. First, those who want a globalistic, ideological, “top down” compliance from the general population in order to achieve some objective without resistance from any political groups.

The alternative is a bottom-up, individualistic approach without coercion or manipulation from outside influences who only seek to achieve their objectives at the expense of the individual.

Partner, where do you stand? Kool-Aid Drinker? Or Individual Thinker?

OK, so what is the antidote for Carbon Footprint “tag”? Let's see, what could be considered the opposite of:  Carbon? White, snow, clean, natural, personal?

What could be the opposite of:  Footprint? Nose print, butt print, finger print, thumbprint?

What better symbol to represent individual thought and personal choice than one’s “Personal Thumbprint”? Without having done any research, I think it is safe to say that the idea of putting your “personal thumbprint” on an action probably predates the invention of the tag, “carbon footprint”!

So, Mr. Freethinker, which concept “tag” best describes you? Carbon footprint? Or personal thumbprint?

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