How Long Can We Afford the Added Transportation Expense of the Global Warming Hoax?

by Johnny Dollar

April 18, 2013

What do crop circles, Bigfoot, and global warming have in common? They are all HOAXES!

I continue to see an endless string of trade magazine articles, “Green” services and products being hawked; international, federal, and state regulations churned out; and proposed federal and state legislative initiatives focused on extorting taxes or fees from producers, consumers, and shippers using YOUR GUILT FEELINGS and BOGUS SCIENTIFIC STUDIES to justify the carbon tax charges that contribute directly to driving up the cost of fuel. Rooted in UN Agenda, “21 Global Environmental Goals and Objectives,” and promulgated in the USA by Federal and State EPA zealots, these onerous refining and emissions regulations drive up the cost of both gasoline and diesel fuel. This will result in one of two things:

⦁    The industry reaches a point of economic no return, where they can no longer afford to make the required modifications and upgrades to comply with the EPA’s refinery regulations.

⦁    The industry continues to invest in refinery upgrades to comply with the EPA’s ever-changing regulations, and they pass the cost along to you, the consumer, in the form of increased gasoline and diesel prices.

The latter is particularly insidious, in that it does not discriminate based on income or status, or whether you are a business or an individual. However, the ones it hurts the most are the small businesses and lower-income individuals, those who can least afford the higher prices and who strive the hardest to make a living and to make ends meet.

Ask yourself:  "Why do we need these mandated boutique fuel blends?"  In the name of Clean Air, right? OK, riddle me this:  recently when there was a refining crisis, why did the EPA suspend the rules on boutique blends and allow refineries to revert to making the four basic blends that had been our mainstay BCFES (Before Carbon Footprint Hoax Evolved on the  Scene)?

To get a feel for how far this has evolved, I recommend you read David Schneider’s informative March 15, 2012 article entitled, “The Gasoline BOBs:  CBOB and RBOB (and CARBOB)”.

This hoax is perpetrated daily at your shipment freight expense, your carrier’s operating cost, or your (as they designed and defined for you) carbon footprint! If you are buying into the whole carbon footprint thing, then you are a certified moron!

Wahoo! How stupid can you be? Pretty stupid if you agree to, fall for, support, and pay such fees and taxes.

So, are you a proponent of the New Normal? (Welcome to Fantasy Land… after all it’s not your money, the “company” will pay for it. Right?) Or do you have the guts and the intellectual honesty to inject reality into the current equation, draw a line in the sand, and refuse and/or reject such idiotic charges — regardless of what government or commercial entity attempts to impose a hoax tax or fee as a line item on the invoice you receive?

As P.T.Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”! Are you one? If not, then what action can you take to help stop this hoax?

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