Distribution Center Operations & Optimization

During their careers, our principals have played key roles in distribution center operations. Throughout their experience, they have practiced the discipline of continuous improvement, seeking to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of distribution operations. Their approach blends practical and simple process development with a strong drive to optimize performance.

      • Process, People and Discipline – Mr. Schneider served in operational leadership roles throughout his careers. His leadership mind view focuses on developing clean and simple processes, thorough training of personnel, clear articulation of expectations and dogged attention to accountability.  A sizable portion of the work that we do for clients focuses on this key area.
      • Flow – Many of our projects involve the analysis of traffic patterns and the flow of material through the operations. We use both simple and specialized tools for the observation, analysis, and design of material flow and traffic through distribution center operations. In some projects, clients who followed our simple recommendations of moving some fixtures or installing a door have seen an immediate payback of the expense. In one case, the labor savings paid for the expense in the first week.
      • Optimize - Mr. Schneider is a recognized expert in the field of warehouse slot optimization. He developed his first warehouse slotting model in 1986, using a spreadsheet application on a Commodore 64 computer.  Throughout the 1980s and '90s, Mr. Schneider developed numerous slotting applications, purpose-built for the distribution center he was working with.  Through the late 1990s, Mr. Schneider presented workshops on the topic of slot optimization to professional groups such as WERC and CSCMP. 
      • Coach and Sustain - Our team also works with our clients to implement new operations. In one example, when we arrived at a client site, the facility was 97,000 orders and over $19 million in shipments past due. In seven weeks, working with two company managers from other facilities, our team led the effort to bring the facility current. During the process, the facility shattered all company single-day shipping records on three different days (surpassing the total shipping record of the entire company on one day).

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