Beer Logistics: Speeding Up the Perfect Pour

Ever stood at a ball game waiting and waiting and waiting to get two beers and make it back down to the stands to catch the next play? There are so many issues involved—most of all the inability of the concession-stand clerk to pour a beer quickly and without a huge foam head.

And how many times have you watched them pour beer out, or overflow the foam in an attempt to not put too much head on the glass? Well, here is a solution.

56 Beers Filled in One Minute

Pour the beer from the bottom up. What simple genius. All it takes is a special cup and dispenser. Cost? Well, if you can pour faster, you will sell more, and if you can cut out all of the waste from the foam pour-overs, I think you cover the extra cost of the cup and the dispenser.

Different beers? Different size cups? No problem. Look at the other options.

Different cups and beers.

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