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MODEX and ProMat

MODEX and ProMat are huge, international material handling trade shows that take place on alternating years. They feature hundreds of exhibits from leading solution providers and educational conference sessions focusing on manufacturing and supply chain operations.

When and Where

MODEX and ProMat are both organized and operated by the Material Handling Industry (MHI). Falling on even-numbered years, MODEX takes place in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Occurring in odd-numbered years, ProMat takes place in the McCormick Place in Chicago.


ProMat, the larger show, has been around for decades, and has a larger following. At ProMat 2017, a record 44,872 attendees visited more than 900 exhibitors on a show floor of 350,000 feet. However, MODEX, begun in 2012, is one of the fastest-growing trade shows, according to the Trade Show News Network. MODEX 2018 saw a 25% jump in the number of registrations, for a total of 30,944. It also featured 925 exhibits using almost 300,000 square feet of space. MODEX is expected to catch up soon to ProMat in terms of size.


Both shows provide opportunities for professionals in the materials handling, distribution and supply chain industries to connect with potential partners and evaluate new technologies. Although there are many more similarities in the two shows than differences, there are some differences between them.

ProMat: It is the older trade show, and has typically focused on materials handling and distribution. It also traditionally has more product display exhibits, where attendees can check out new technologies up close to evaluate potential value to their operations.

MODEX: It started out mainly focusing on the supply chain and the role it plays in material handling and distribution. It has a somewhat wider audience and broader scope.

Attendees’ Dilemma

MODEX 2018, split across two floors in the Georgia World Congress Center, presented a dilemma for many of our clients. Visiting every interesting exhibitor booth during the 25 hours the show was open was a monumental task.

Even though it runs for four days, they had to choose between either attending educational sessions or visiting the show floor, as there wasn’t time to do both. And, many clients missed visiting booths featuring potential solutions, due to lack of time or because the booth failed to capture their attention.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION: Personal Tours

We have come up with a solution to the problem of lack of time at the MHI trade shows. Material handling is at the core of our practice, and we keep up with the changes in technology and in the industry throughout the year. In the months prior to MODEX and PROMAT, we focus on reviewing exhibitor lists and studying the exhibitors’ new offerings.

Then, on the first day of the show, we walk through to evaluate possible solutions for our clients’ needs. During the next two days of the show, we offer to take our clients on personal tours that focus on their individual needs. (Our clients book a 2-hour session with us in advance for their personal tour of the show.)

Clients value these focused tours, as we save them valuable time finding targeted solutions. In many cases, we found solutions that clients missed on their own walkthroughs of the show floor. Every year we find solutions at shows that create value for our clients.

We offer this service to future clients as well. If you would like to schedule a personal tour of a trade show with our Force Multiplier, David Schneider, just give us a call or send us an email beforehand. We will schedule a short telephone meeting with you before the event to discuss your needs, and then develop a focused, 2-hour tour of booths on the floor. Why miss out on potential solutions because of a lack of time? Or, maybe you’d like to spend your time attending educational sessions. In either case, we can help. Please plan early to reserve one of our limited number of appointments.

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