Big Data: What Is and What Is Not

I read a news story in USA Today that is part of a marketing play for a book, "The Human Face of Big Data." The headline had captured my eye, but the article inspired a stronger reaction.

Bull crap!

Bill Smolan, the driving force behind the photo book, "A Day in the Life of America," started distributing 10,000 copies of the book today to opinion leaders around the world, from President Obama to Justin Bieber. It is also available on There is a website hyping the project. It is a nice, slickweb site. It looks great. There is even an abridged version of the book, and a nifty video that asks you to download an app to your cell phone so they can…

Now, the book may be very nice. It could be something of interest. I will withhold my review of the content until I actually see the book.

Still, something does not quite smell right. Perhaps it is what you see at the bottom of the slick website.

humanfaceofbigdata sponsors.JPG 
Cui Bono?
As a benefit to whom?


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