Supercharging Supply Chains

by Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, and John Kamauff

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Supercharging Supply Chains: New Ways to Increase Value through Global Operational Excellence

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New research and experiences are demonstrating that shareholder value is improved dramatically when companies reach higher levels of operational excellence. Supply chain management, when planned, designed, and executed effectively, is the key to achieving high levels of operating performance which, in turn, drives shareholder value.

The Ernst & Young Global Supply Chain Management Consulting Practice has assisted hundreds of well-known, multinational companies in minimizing their total costs, growing the business profitability, and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction. Supercharging Supply Chains through speed, focus, and customer intensity enables smart companies to realize their visions and business strategies better than their competitors. Saving millions, increasing customer shares, and increasing "free cash flow" are kinds of benefits being reached by those select companies that operate high-performing supply chains in their global markets.

Now, for the first time, key partners and leaders of the firm's Global Supply Chain Management Team reveal their proven approaches and industry-leading experiences to help your business improve.

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