Bold: Leadership for Organizational Acceleration 

by Jim Tompkins

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Bold Leadership for Organizational Acceleration

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Everyone suffers from extreme overload today. The world has morphed into a global village where immediacy rules. Things must be done right away without sacrificing excellence. If we were honest every time someone asked, How are you? the reply would be, Way too busy to even think about it. Our hectic business and personal lives leave us feeling as if we are constantly trying to fit 15 pounds of apples into a 5-pound bag. The more apples we try to stuff into the bag, the more difficult the task becomes and the more frustrated we grow. But here is good news! There is a remedy, and it is called Bold Leadership. In this insightful book, organizational change and leadership expert Jim Tompkins shows you how to become the leader that you have always wanted to be. More importantly, you will understand how to encourage others to lead so that you can concentrate on the big picture. Get your life out of overload mode, professionally and personally. Author Jim Tompkins outlines his case for inspirational leadership, advises how to define the core competencies of your organization, and gives you the tools to respond to the boundless changes that seem the norm in our lives. He also provides illuminating self-appraisals and current case studies about organizations like Google, Wal-Mart and IBM. Also included is a valuable and thorough assessment tool Jim gives to his own clients. Use it to take critical actions in all parts of your organization that will make or keep your business resilient.

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