Principles of Engineering Economy

by Eugene L Grant, W. Grant Ireson & Richard S. Leavenworth

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Principles of Engineering Economy

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Text covers: Planning Economy Studies for Decision Making (hunch decisions are dangerous; decisions are between alternatives); Interest--the Time Element in Economy (equivalence; interest formulas; solving interest problems; annual cost; present worth; calculating a prospective rate of return; what interest rate?); and Techniques for Economy Studies (depreciation accounting; a pattern for economy studies; dealing with multiple alternatives; dealing with uncertainties in forecasts; increment costs and sunk costs; income tax considerations in decision making; economy studies for retirement and replacement; the influence on economy studies of sources of investment funds; economy studies for governmental activities; establishing criteria and procedures for investment decisions). Appendixes: alternative methods of computing annual capital recovery cost; continuous compounding of interest and the uniform-flow convention; compound interest analyses involving 2 interest rates; mathematical models in replacement economy; and interest tables.

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